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Project leadership is a project organization. Its competence is a project control. It is represented by individual project manager in a small project. In the larger projects groups of persons or maybe additional several subproject managers perform this task.

To achieve and carry out the main object of the project leadership: to achieve and to fulfill the project objectives, the following tasks should be completed: management of the resources and processes, control of the time and resource; project structuring; early identification of risks; prevention of hazards in the project; attainment of the customer satisfaction and project results. The following efforts are needed for this purpose: enabling the achievement of the project objectives in the project management; organization, planning and administration of the project management; coordination of tasks, contributions, deadlines, participants, contributors and decision-maker; choosing the methods; efficient utilization of the resources; defining the quality and ensuring of its achievement; implementation of the required measures and the execution of the contracts; conduct of negotiations.

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